At MIBAR, we work with a variety of solutions, but one of our longest-tenured partnerships is with Microsoft, namely Dynamics GP. In our time, we’ve helped companies implement this familiar solution, upgrade it, and ultimately do more with it. That said, even if the solution helps businesses work faster, users run into hiccups in all shapes and sizes. No need to fear, though, most of these have an easy fix. 

We’ve worked with GP for years, and over the course of our work, have answered a lot of user questions, some more common than others. Throughout the years, we’ve written a variety of tutorials on how to use GP more effectively, and in this, have saved companies countless hours of tinkering and thousands of sollars in support costs. 

Our Most Frequently-Asked GP User Questions

If any of these have happened to you, you’re not alone—these are ten of our most frequently visited FAQs in 2019. Using Google analytics, we’ve narrowed down our list to see what users are looking for and have compiled our top answers below:

Batch Recovery in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Everyone hates having problems with their computer software programs.  If your computer is acting up, you can’t get your work done. Fortunately, while there are lots of problems that can arise in any business application, many times, they can be resolved quite easily.  In this post, we highlight a great tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP that can help you make it through your day.

Learn more in our most popular GP tutorial, Batch Recovery in Microsoft Dynamics GP

How to Customize Aging Buckets in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, users are given 4 aging buckets by default in Receivables Management. However, users are able to increase the number of buckets to as many as 7. How can you add aging buckets and what is the most important thing you can do to ensure this customization process works? 

Learn more: How to Customize Aging Buckets in Microsoft Dynamics GP

How to Email ACH Remittances in Microsoft Dynamics GP

How do I e-mail ACH remittances to my vendors? What evidence can I show to my vendor that payment has been made via ACH (without faxing)? These types of questions are a recurring theme when clients are looking at their GP ACH. This documentation shows how to e-mail the ACH remittance from Dynamics GP Accounts Payable to vendors. This process requires Microsoft Outlook availability as the preferred email solution.

Learn how to configure settings, setup email and vendors, and process payables and send the remittance here.

Enter, Process and Reconcile Credit Card Transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP

When you receive your credit card statement, wouldn’t it be nice if all your credit card transactions were in Microsoft Dynamics GP? It would make reconciling the credit card statement much faster, especially if the credit card transactions were easy to identify.

The good news is there is functionality in Dynamics GP to do exactly that without purchasing any additional modules. Just using core Dynamics GP functionality will allow you to input, process and reconcile credit card transactions.

Learn how to do this in: Enter, Process and Reconcile Credit Card Transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Find The Data You’re Looking For With Smartlists in Dynamics GP

Have you ever tried to find basic information in Microsoft Dynamics GP but don’t know which of the 800+ reports to look at? Have you ever tried creating your own Smartlist? Smartlists in Dynamics GP can be a quick and easy thing to create when you understand how they work. It’s important to realize that a Smartlist is just a list of records that meet a certain criteria. Once you create the Smartlist, you have the ability to export it to Excel and get totals or subtotals on fields.

Learn more in Find The Data You’re Looking For With Smartlists in Dynamics GP

Troubleshooting an Invoice Posting Error in Dynamics GP

Any time you’re dealing with a transaction that won’t post, the first thing you need  to do is find out what’s preventing the transaction from posting.  To do this, print an Edit List by pulling up the batch in the batch entry window: Go to File>Print>Select Edit list from the dropdown.

This article shows you the errors that commonly occur and what you can do to fix them: Troubleshooting an Invoice Posting Error in Dynamics GP

Restore Quick Links on Home Page in Dynamics GP

GP has a great feature of allowing you to customize your home page making it easier for you to get your work done.  But have you ever lost those customizations?  It can be a real pain getting them back. However, with a bit of SQL experience, you can easily restore your Quick Links.

Learn More: Restore Quick Links on Home Page in Dynamics GP

Voiding Historical Credit Memos in Microsoft Dynamics GP

If your Payable checks automatically apply credit memos and this process ends up applying multiple credit memos to a wrong invoice, the unpleasant task of having to manually unapply each and every one of the misapplied credit memos is one almost everyone would look to avoid if possible.

Fortunately, Dynamics GP has a Void Historical Transactions process that allows you to select the credit memo(s) you’re looking to unapply and void them with the click of a button.

Learn how: Voiding Historical Credit Memos in Microsoft Dynamics GP

How to Set up Lot Reminders for Lot Expiration Dates in Dynamics GP 

If you have lot numbers assigned to your food based items, it would be helpful to have some kind of reminder as to when the lot is going to expire so you can ship from the older lots first. For GP users, this is an option, and you can set up your items to be tracked by lot on the Item Maintenance card by hitting the Options button on the bottom left corner of the screen. This brings up the Item Maintenance Options screen. 

Learn more: How to Set up Lot Reminders for Lot Expiration Dates in Dynamics GP

Management Reporter Issue After Dynamics GP Upgrade? Check Dexterity Shared Components

You’re working on upgrading Dynamics GP from GP 2010 to GP 2016, and have successfully installed Dynamics GP 2016 R2 and SQL Server 2016. You go to install Management Reporter 2012 CU 15, however, you get an error message: Couldn’t retrieve the list of available databases. The Connection Attempt failed. What do you do and what causes this error?

See how to address this in Management Reporter Issue After Dynamics GP Upgrade? Check Dexterity Shared Components

Your Trusted GP Partner: MIBAR

At MIBAR, we’ve spent the better part of our existence working with GP, and these are just some of the many questions we’ve answered for our clients and anyone who’s asking. As a leading Microsoft Partner, we can help you upgrade, make the switch, or do more with this well-established solution. Get to know more about how we work and contact us for a free consultation.

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