NetSuite has many standard reports that you can create. However, there are times when one report doesn’t give you everything you may need. That’s where saved searches can help you get the information.

One of my clients bills PO’s in advance of receipt and needed to manage the entire transaction. They needed a report which included the following:

  • POs currently billed
  • Status of the PO
  • Amount of the PO
  • Vendor bill
  • Vendor bill amount
  • Currency

Creating a Saved Search

There isn’t any one report in NetSuite that can pull in these related records, so I created a saved search. I started with creating the criteria for the saved search. By selecting the transaction type as PO, it brings in all the POs. By selecting mainline as false, I was able to get the line item detail for each PO and related records.

Picture 1-1

Next, go to Results tab to determine the columns to be included in the search results and sort order. You will need to include the billing transaction information you need – there are a number of options available. When adding billing transactions, be sure to use Absolute Value in the Function column so that the transactions don’t come into the report as a negative dollar amount.

Picture 2-2

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