While the last year was a challenge for many airports, it also offered a bit of relief for those in the back office. No longer were staff members trying to tackle a stack of papers growing faster than they were able to process. Limited travel meant that backlogs in paperwork were finally able to be tackled, and temporary tenant closings meant that billing was easier to track.

Over the past two years, we’ve explored many of the challenges airports faced before the pandemic, ranging from too much reliance on paperwork to disconnected processes, untimely invoices, untrackable contracts, and more. Though these challenges were likely manageable during 2020, the return to full flight boards might leave you falling behind once again.

Why Airports Can’t Rely on Old Practices in the New Normal

But with the return to normal, you can’t fall back into old habits. New policies, procedures, and processes are already going to add new strain to your staff—and it’s likely that your non-passenger-facing employees will be the last to return.

For those who lack the technology and workflows to handle this return, the last thing you want is for back-office workers to return to an overwhelming stack of paperwork to file. But how can you expect to avoid this? Sign up for or upcoming webinar.

Watch Now: Webinar Discussing Challenges and Opportunities for Terminal Management in the New Normal

Airports will face a variety of challenges on the journey back to normal. That’s why it pays to start preparing now for the hustle and bustle, ensuring that both front and back office processes remain consistent. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new webinar discussing the challenges and opportunities faced on this journey back to reality.

Cleared for Takeoff: Challenges and Opportunities for Terminal Management in the New Normal explores the pre-pandemic pains you may have forgotten about and discuss how the right technology can help your people work more effectively.

In this, MIBAR’s Jory Weissman will highlight the story of Terminal One Group, the team in charge of operations at Terminal One at New York’s JFK Airport. One of the busiest international terminals in the US, Terminal One faced a variety of challenges in their back office that left them struggling to keep up with invoicing, reporting, tenant management, and more. That was, until they found MIBAR.

Now, thanks to the help of the MIBAR Terminal Management Solution, Terminal One’s back-office runs just as efficiently as its gates. Ready to learn more? Click here to watch now.