Business Doesn’t Always Take Place in the Office

Many employees aren’t restricted to the four walls of an office anymore. Your sales professionals and field services teams are out meeting with customers or providing services and you may not see them until the end of the work day. Don’t lose track of your people or data. Deploy a mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and have 24/7 access to the critical data needed to keep your people productive and your business profitable.

4 Ways Mobile Access to Data Can Strengthen Your Business

Basic business software can’t provide the mobility businesses need in today’s fast-paced, data-driven marketplace, especially when key employees spend more time out of the office than in it. Yesterday’s data is already old news and making decisions or servicing customers based on aging data can lead to costly mistakes. A modern ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, can be deployed either on-premises or cloud-based, and offers mobility and agility, providing leaders with quick access to reliable data. Here are several practical ways having remote and mobile access to data can strengthen business processes.

  1. Mobile salesforce: With Microsoft Dynamics GP, your sales team can have a direct connection to product information, specifications, price schedules and inventory availability. They can answer questions and complete sales orders while in a customer’s office.
  2. Connected field services teams: Enable field workers to log time, project details, and customer information while on a job site. Project managers can monitor each project more closely, reducing the chance for budget or time overruns.
  3. Improved productivity: Microsoft Dynamics GP is easy to learn and easy to use. In the office, your team can manage appointments, tasks and other important activities. In the warehouse, mobile devices can streamline the pick, pack and ship process.
  4. Stronger business intelligence: An integrated solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, makes it easier to enter, access and analyze key performance indicators and other important metrics. You and your team can access data from mobile devices and ensure that operations are staying on track.

An integrated, mobile business management solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP can provide anywhere, anytime access to data. Armed with real-time insights, you can improve productivity inside and outside of the office and use these insights to strengthen business operations and customer services.

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