Everyone hates having problems with their computer software programs.  If your computer is acting up, you can’t get your work done.  And if you can’t get your work done, the boss isn’t happy.  Fortunately, while there are lots of problems that can arise in any business application, many times, they can be resolved quite easily.  In this post, I am going to highlight a great tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP that can help you make it through your day.

As the head of the help desk at MIBAR, I receive a lot of calls from our Dynamics GP clients reporting that:

  • The batch won’t post or
  • Their invoices aren’t showing up for payment, or
  • Their inventory item isn’t showing the correct available amount or
  • The Customer balances are wrong or
  • They are receiving an error message telling them to go to batch recovery and recover the batch.

Let’s Look at Batch Recovery

To find Batch Recovery, just go to Microsoft Dynamics>Tools>Routines>Batch Recover – the window below will appear.  As you can see, in my example, there is only one batch that has a problem (if there were multiple batches, they would all show up here).  Next, take a look at the Status field – Dynamics GP is telling you that there are transactions errors and an edit is required to fix the batch.  From this screen, you can hit the Mark All button and then hit Continue.

batch recovery in Microsoft Dynamics GP

By looking at the Batch Name, I can tell that this is a Financial Batch that didn’t post.  So, from here, I go to Financials>Batches and pull up the batch at hand.

Batch entry in Dynamics GP

From here, the simplest way to identify the issue with this batch is to print an Edit Report – I can do this by clicking on File(in the top left hand corner of the window) – then Print, to open the Report Destination window.

report destination in Dynamics GP

Leave the Report Type as Standard, check off the Screen box and uncheck the printer box.  This will print the edit report to the screen for you.

GL transaction edit report Microsoft Dynamics GP

As we can see, the first error is telling us that the transaction contains (IC) intercompany distributions, but the transaction is not marked as an IC transaction – to fix this, we’ll simply need to flag the transaction as IC.  However, there is a second error message, which is indicating that Intercompany Processing is not registered – this means that they can’t post intercompany transactions.  If this truly was intended to be an intercompany transaction, they would need to first register the IC module, and then manually correct the Journal Entries.

Not all error messages are created equally.  Some can be a bit somewhat cryptic, while others can be very straightforward.  The error message could also have been something as simple as “Sorry, unable to post to a closed period”, in which case you could either re-open the period or change the date of the transactions to an open period.

The important thing to remember is that if you get an error – WRITE IT DOWN OR TAKE A SCREENSHOT.  THE FIRST MESSAGE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE.

Once all is said and done, the batch(es) is recovered and removed from the batch recovery screen – at which point, they are restored to the module they originally came from.

recover your batch Microsoft Dynamics

I hope you found this post helpful! Get worry free Dynamics GP upgrades and support from the experts at MIBAR. Navigating through an upgrade successfully can be quite challenging unless you are in the right hands. Take a few minutes, provide us some basic information, and you’ll be well on your way to saving time, money, and frustration.

For many companies, GP has been a consistent and reliable product for years or decades, making the move away seem like an intimidating journey. ERP projects of all kinds are stressful and can seem daunting, but with an understanding team, a proven process, and the right tools, you can get up and running in no time. Over the past few years, we’ve worked with former GP users to migrate their data and start using new products with minimal risk and maximum reward. Learn more about Dynamics GP alternatives.

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