Transactions in GP hit many different tables. Sometimes things go wrong, batches get stuck and you have to break out of the program using the task manager. That’s not something we like to do except as a last resort. This can cause data issues for you. Like breaking out of a Cash receipt entry may still show the actual payment that you entered but it doesn’t show as being applied to any invoices. When you try to apply the payment, none of the invoices are showing up. This is the time to run checklinks on the Recievables Open Transaction files. Before running Checklinks, I always get people off the system and take a backup of the database just as a precaution. Betting to have a back up and need it than the other way around.

Go to Microsoft Dynamic, Maintenance – Checklinks

From the dropdown select Sales – from the logical tables box sellect Receivables Open Transactions Files and hit the instert button

Your display should look something like this:

Check Links

You’re either going to get a list of error that have been corrected or a report that says no errors found.

If we actually had a corrupted payment record as described above, Check links would have removed the “Apply records” as well as the payment record. This would have the effect of re-opening the invoices for payment. You would need to re-enter the payment record as well.


As you can see from the first screen shot, Check links is available for each module and for various groups of files.

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