When it comes to ERP software, a company’s ability to execute matters. In fact, one of the key measurements of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, the term “ability to execute” takes into consideration a variety of factors including the product, sales execution, market responsiveness, customer experience, and more. 

Acumatica’s Path to Growth and Leadership

However, take a look at the companies in the leader category for their high completeness of vision and high ability to execute and you see familiar names including Oracle. Why? Ability to execute means having the funding and force to get the job done. 

Acumatica has long delivered on its promises to customers and in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites was touted for its focus, innovation, future-readiness, and integration, with analysts celebrating the company’s completeness of vision. 

The problem? Ability to execute. A notably American customer base with white label products abroad, global brand recognition was a concern for the company. However, a recent announcement may have put them on the fast track to “top 5 ERP” in coming years.

News: EQT Partners to Acquire Acumatica

In an industry as rapidly growing as the cloud ERP market, it pays to have the right backing in your corner. From marketing to scale, the right partnerships make good products great, and knowing this, we are excited to announce that leading investment firm EQT Partners has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Acumatica, pairing it with leading enterprise applications software IFS.

IFS and Acumatica: More Resources, More Innovation

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, and Acumatica, the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP provider, will serve growth industries such as manufacturing, distribution, construction, service, energy and A&D, able to compete with established leaders in the industry.

A win for all three organizations, the decision will give Acumatica more room to grow internationally, provide IFS a foothold in the cloud, and allow both companies to leverage each other’s scope and expertise.

“This collaboration is great news for both organizations, our customers, partners, and employees,” said IFS CEO Darren Roos, who will assume a position on Acumatica’s board of directors. “EQT has brought together two businesses that will enjoy the key benefits of a partnership in the growing cloud enterprise applications market. IFS and Acumatica can benefit from one another’s resources, capabilities, and strategies, but still enjoy full autonomy and rapid growth trajectories while avoiding disruptions to business operations or brand equity. Acumatica’s cloud-native architecture and operations are absolutely cutting edge, as is its commitment to partners and customers. I ultimately see this as two allies to cover the market from end to end, with combined strength to take market share.”

Acumatica’s CEO Jon Roskill added:

“IFS is an admirable company in the ERP market who shares our belief in customer satisfaction,” said Roskill. “We could not have asked for a better match of technologies, strategies, and cultures. IFS and Acumatica both stand for customer satisfaction and choice, providing public, private, and hybrid cloud options as well as modern licensing and rich independent software vendor (ISV) ecosystems. Acumatica’s customer-friendly licensing and industry-leading partner programs will not change, and our award-winning support will only get better. Combined with the proficiencies of IFS, Acumatica is positioned to expand into new markets and offer true global support for our rapidly expanding international customers.”

Benefits for Acumatica Customers

One of the biggest fears for any customer during an acquisition is how it will affect the product, the service, and the future. Under the deal, it appears that both companies will leverage each other’s resources to create better products, facilitate the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and increase access to R&D resources.

Acumatica will maintain its industry-leading channel program, which now features more than a quarter of the top 100 VARs (including MIBAR), and allow the company to grow and continue to provide long into the future.

Get to Know ERP: Meet MIBAR

At MIBAR, we’ve been in the ERP business for decades, and have the experience and expertise to handle your organization’s implementation needs.

We would like to congratulate Acumatica on this important milestone in their growth, and welcome you to learn more about our work as an Acumatica NYC partner here. Ready to learn more? Contact us for a free consultation.

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