I used to find creating Generic Inquiries in Acumatica a daunting task due to my inability to determine the linking key fields. This was until I came across the Merged DB Structure page in Acumatica. This page not only lists tables and their relations, it also shows the various ways to link the related tables. This page has been a godsend for me and hopefully you will find it as useful as I have.

Acumatica Merged DB Structure

The screen ID for this page is SM402000. It has both incoming and outgoing references tabs. The incoming references are tables that are children of the table named in DAC Full Name. This tab will show the child and parent tables and the related key fields. Likewise, on the outgoing references, the parent tables to the table named in DAC Full Name are listed and their related key fields.  This is very useful when defining the relationships between your tables when creating the GI.

Acumatica Generic Inquiry Relations

Depending on whether you are relating a child or parent table you will know the fields to add in the “Data Field Links For Active Relation” section by using the fields listed in the Merged DB Structure page.

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