Goal: to modify sales orders to generate two individual picking tickets for two different third party vendor picking processes

When entering an item in the sales order window.  It will determine what quantities to split into bulk or pieces into custom fields.  The Item maintenance logic determines which parts of the order are split into pieces or bulk for the specific vendor.

create sales order

Next, the user will use the GateKeeper staging table to release the orders and print them, pictured below.

The Gate Keeper shows the orders and their request dates once the user releases the orders and prints the picking tickets. The data for the pieces is importing to the third party database and the bulk data is ready for the other vendor picking process.  The user will use the piece pick ticket to process the order and the bulk pick ticket will be processed by the same or a different user.

Find Orders

Once the order is picked for either bulk or pieces, the order will be set to picked completed which allows the user to ship the order in Ship Sales order window below.  If there is a backorder, the flags for the sales order # will be reset so it can be processed again from the GateKeeper.

Ships slaes order

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this and let me know of any thoughts or questions in the comment section below! If you need further assistance, please contact us.