Throughout the ERP selection process, it’s always important to look for a qualified, experienced, and dedicated team to put your plans into action. After the past few months exploring why it’s so important to find the right ERP partner, we’re ready to explore how we deliver!

1. We Provide a 360-Degree View of Your Entire Business

Sometimes, ERP systems require you to enter information into three or four (or more?!) systems in order to fully complete your business processes. This is time-consuming and inefficient. It also leads to a lot of manual data entry issues and human error, as staff members try to replicate the same information over and over again in multiple systems.

By using MIBAR, you’ll have access to a tool that allows data to flow easily from one module to the next seamlessly without having to retype the same information into your databases multiple times. You can easily see what’s coming up, what you need to do, what’s scheduled to happen in the future, and where your backlogs are. Will you have a need for overtime hours? Do you foresee a situation in which you’ll have to ask team members to stay later in the day? With a 360-degree view, you can see everything your business is doing at a glance so you can plan accordingly for process flows that make sense for your business model.

Additionally, MIBAR’s ERP systems allow you to see lots of notes in the system, offering you greater transparency and visibility into the goings on of your operations. This means anyone who has access to your ERP can log in at any time to see where an order is or how a job is going. Our ERP systems enhance efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in real time.

2. We Offer ERP Expertise and Keen Business Insight

For nearly three decades, MIBAR has been a leader in the business software consulting world. Early on, we chose to focus on ERP and CRM solutions and implementation services, and at this point, we’re proud to say that we’ve perfected everything from implementation of new clients to maintenance of ongoing customers. Our IT services help you automate business processes in ways that eliminate human error while simultaneously freeing up your staff members’ time. Plus, our solutions are backed by cutting-edge cloud technologies that are available anytime, anywhere, so you can trust that your team has all the information they need right at their fingertips—no matter where they are or when they’re working.

We know what it takes to get the job done, and no matter the industry in which you work, you’ll have our team of experts by your side as unrelenting partners who want to make your business better.

3. We Love Customizations

When you buy a product off the shelf, you get what you get. There’s often little to no wiggle room for tweaks that can turn it into a product that’s built specifically for your business. On the other hand, if you opt for a customized ERP solution, you’ll work with people who can teach your systems how to talk to each other in ways that facilitate your unique business processes. Once the various systems are taught to communicate correctly, you’ll have access to all the documents, data, and analyses you could ever ask for.

When you order customizations from our MIBAR team, you can begin to solve some of the following common challenges:

  • Small inefficiencies that are beginning to turn into expensive problems
  • Business needs that are outgrowing your current ERP’s capabilities
  • Your customers’ needs aren’t being met
  • Your workplace dynamics are changing
  • Employees need greater access to information in order to perform their jobs well
  • You don’t currently have access to real-time information
  • Your ERP doesn’t keep up with changing regulations

When you need an ERP system that’s built for your specific, unique needs, MIBAR is ready to step up to the challenge.

4. You’ll Love Your Custom Dashboards

Speaking of customizations, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a custom dashboard that brought together all of your information into a single place that presents the data in ways that make the most sense for your business? We can do that. In fact, we’ve successfully combined data from multiple sources from many of our clients, presenting an end product that’s a clean, concise, and easy-to-use dashboard in a variety of industries.

5. We Enhance Visibility by Expanding the Reach of Your ERP

With MIBAR on your side, you’ll gain unprecedented visibility into your operation, maximizing efficiency and optimizing profitability. You’ll receive unbiased and up-to-date data that helps you make more informed business decisions throughout the lifecycle of your sales and operations processes. Our software is built to break down silos, minimize redundant data entry, and give you a clear view into the goings on of your organization.

You need MIBAR because your company needs the benefits a partnership with us provides. Whether you’re in manufacturing, distribution, or any other industry, our ERP experts are here to make your days easier while giving your brand the tools it needs to achieve optimal ROI. Schedule a call with us today so you can learn more about our ERP software & implementation services!

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