Organizations are currently navigating towards hybrid working – a model that will allow room for more flexibility. Nevertheless, this flexibility should still permit the organization to work together as one business despite the location

Managing flexibility and unity is a challenge many organizations are battling. Thanks to Dynamics 365, which is helping businesses overcome the challenge. It brings people from different departments and locations together through communication and collaboration on various business points.

What is Cross-Organizational Collaboration?

Cross-organizational collaboration is a situation where different organizations come together to work on particular projects. Usually, several reasons exist as to why two or more companies decide to work together. Whatever the goal is, cross-organizational collaboration allows you to reach out to a broad audience with better quality goods and gives room for learning new processes.

Dynamics 365 offers the platform for organizations to come together in communication and collaboration towards performing a given business activity. The technology ensures complete collaboration despite location, time, and how the work is executed.

Why is Cross-organizational Collaboration Important

Cross-organizational collaboration is a critical aspect of industrial growth. Below are some of the essential factors why you should consider it;

  • Offers a better insight
  • Engages employees
  • Develops management skills
  • Births innovations
  • Builds and strengthens the team’s spirit, among other many benefits

Essentials for Cross-organizational Collaboration

In an effort to come together, there are four essential factors that organizations should consider for a successful collaboration. Find out below;

1) Everyone Must Be Connected Across Every Business Function, by the New Flow of Work

In a dynamic world, digital collaborations should enhance networking to allow different perspectives, learning, and deeper insights across all the business functions. Dynamics 365 has created a way of exchanging ideas between different functions of the business, for example, sales and engineering or marketing and finance.

As a Dynamics 365 user, you can invite any team member to participate in the business recording from across any business function through a chat channel.

Coming soon is a functionality that will allow all Dynamics 365 users to request any Microsoft team users to access and participate in the business activity regardless of their location. The feature will give a chance to every employee to contribute to the development of the company on the same channel.

Driving collaboration into the workflow is a necessity in any business; whether small, medium, or large. Therefore, with Dynamics 365 Business Central feature, both small and medium businesses can also make necessary connections between people, processes, and insights. Ultimately, cross-functional collaborations allow better decision-making throughout the business.

2) There Must Be Collaboration Beyond Office

One essential aspect of remote working is its ability to bring together teams and close networks. However, the same has pushed away the required interactions due long-distance networks; an inclination that can lead to problems within the team such as employee isolation.

With Dynamic 365, there exists no long-distance network. The system brings together all the networks despite their distances, enabling those members who are close to the problem to reach out to the responsible people and find the necessary information they need to spearhead innovation.

The Dynamics 365 Field Service and the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, together with the Microsoft teams, connect the field technicians with work orders and information and also with experts in real-time, despite how remote the areas they’re working from.

Another excellent feature is Dynamics 365 Commerce, a feature that gives room for both managers and workers to create tasks lists and monitor their statuses.

3) Teams’ Ability to Connect Everywhere, Anytime, on Every Channel

In the early days, teams working to solve the same problem would meet and work together. However, coming together in person has been restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, there still should be a way to bring teams together. Live videos play this key role of gathering teams, and, they should be enabled to share information on customer records, workflows, or any information with the organizational experts.

Dynamics 365 allows this by setting chatbots within the workflow. For example, Dynamics 365 Human Resource allows both employees and managers to access time-off balance where employees can fill in their leave request forms and submit them directly to the respective human resource managers. On the other side, managers can view and sign the forms; a job that can be done anywhere, and anytime.

4) There Should Be Delivery of More Personalized Experience

In cross-organizational collaboration, there should be an upgrade on how employees and departments interact with customers to allow them to deliver a personalized experience. There also should be a way of engaging customers to understand their expectations to succeed in offering personal experiences. Virtual meetings seem to be the way forward.

With the Dynamics 365 Marketing, teams are allowed to set up events, host them, and provide reports regarding the events. In this marketing feature, employees can monitor customer journeys.

After interacting with the customers, employees are allowed to customize the content they intend to deliver in the bid to come up with a fully personalized customer experience. They can also do a follow up by auto generating emails which will help them nature the customer who attended an event.

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