Decision-makers across industries are taking advantage of mobile tools to stay on top of critical business insights. Thanks to powerful cloud-based software that gives them access to their business systems, up-to-date information is always at their fingertips—if not on their desktops and PCs, then on the tablets and smartphones they depend on to stay productive while on the go.

When it comes to business intelligence and reporting, Microsoft’s Power BI is the industry-leading solution known for its flexible and user-friendly mobile apps. Users can monitor the state of business on their personalized dashboards, engage with interactive reports, and collaborate with colleagues—without skipping a beat. Here are 3 easy ways to maximize your Power BI mobile experience:

1. Optimize Your Dashboard and Reports for Mobile Viewing

While a user’s personalized dashboard—a single place to view need-to-know business insights—is created and configured on Power BI Desktop, it can be customized for viewing on a mobile device. You can also create mobile versions of your reports by dragging and dropping visualizations onto a blank canvas. You can rearrange and resize visuals and slicers, and even set them so they’re responsive, which means they’re dynamic and will scale automatically to look great on any-sized screen.When you view a Power BI report on a phone, the app detects if it has been optimized for mobile and will open the report in the appropriate view. Learn how!

2. Stay Up To Date

You can set up your software to send you push notifications, or personal data alerts, directly to your device. These alerts let you know when data in any of your dashboard tiles changes beyond the limits you set, so you can get into the app to investigate. You can also receive a notification when a user has shared a new dashboard with you, when changes have been made to your group’s workspace, or when there’s information about upcoming Power BI meetings and events.

3. Collaborate

Your team can stay on the same page by sharing live reports and dashboards via email, and then annotating reports, tiles, or visuals using your touch-enabled mobile device screen. By setting security controls, you can specify which coworkers (or people outside of the company) can share, see, and/or interact with data. Learn more in Annotate and share a tile, report, or visual in Power BI mobile apps.

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