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Implementing new software in your business is a big decision. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to a business software expert before spending your time and resources?

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Moving Your Wholesale Distribution Business Ahead With a Successful WMS System Implementation

Throughout my years of implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP at a variety of clients, the single most important aspect of’s Distribution related customer’s businesses has been the effectiveness of warehouse personnel and the warehouse(s) in general. Getting inventory PO receipts into Great Plains in a timely manner, controlling locations of ...

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Error When Logging Into Microsoft Dynamics PDK 2013

Sometimes when users attempt to login, an “A get/change on operation table 'SY_Pathnames' failed accessing SQL data” error message pops up as seen below. When you click on more info, the following error code is shown.  Here’s how you can solve this: 1) Edit your ODBC settings Click on Data ...

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Reconcile Misaligned Receivables Batch in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Quick Tip Have you ever gone to your batch screen in Microsoft Dynamics GP and seen something like this - where shows no transactions but has a total on it?  How do I fix it?  It can be fixed very easily! Go to Utilities – Reconcile (NOT RECONCILE-REMOVE) Then, select ...

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How to Customize Aging Buckets in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, users are given 4 aging buckets by default in Receivables Management. However, users are able to increase the number of buckets to as many as 7.  In the below screenshot, you can see that we added 2 aging buckets for a total of 6.  ...

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Management Reporter Issue After Dynamics GP Upgrade? Check Dexterity Shared Components

You’re working on upgrading Dynamics GP from GP 2010 to GP 2016, and have successfully installed Dynamics GP 2016 R2 and SQL Server 2016. You go to install Management Reporter 2012 CU 15, however, you get this error message:  “Couldn’t retrieve the list of available databases: the connection attempt failed.” ...

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Integration Manager Expired? Dynamics GP Direct Table Imports To The Rescue!

Picture this - you are implementing Dynamics GP for a new client who is going to use the application for the first time. For any of a variety of reasons (hardware related, vacation time of employees at the client, customized dexterity work delays, etc.) this particular client has yet to ...

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Troubleshooting an Invoice Posting Error in Dynamics GP

Any time you're dealing with a transaction that won’t post, the first thing you need  to do is find out what’s preventing the transaction from posting.  To do this, print an Edit List by pulling up the batch in the batch entry window: Go to File>Print>Select Edit list from the dropdown. This ...

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Batch Recovery in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Everyone hates having problems with their computer software programs.  If your computer is acting up, you can't get your work done.  And if you can’t get your work done, the boss isn’t happy.  Fortunately, while there are lots of problems that can arise in any business application, many times, they ...

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How to Email ACH Remittances in Microsoft Dynamics GP

A Step-by-Step Guide How do I e-mail ACH remittances to my vendors? What evidence can I show to my vendor that payment has been made via ACH (without faxing)? These types of questions are a recurring theme when I visit some of my Microsoft Dynamics GP ACH clients so I ...

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Enter, Process and Reconcile Credit Card Transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP

When you receive your credit card statement, wouldn’t it be nice if all your credit card transactions were in Microsoft Dynamics GP? It would make reconciling the credit card statement much faster, especially if the credit card transactions were easy to identify. The good news is there is functionality in ...

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