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Implementing new software in your business is a big decision. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to a business software expert before spending your time and resources?

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The Top 5 Questions Asked by Executives before Moving Into the Cloud

Moving your organization’s data and processes from on-premise to cloud-based systems is rarely a simple decision, even if you’re making the transition area-by-area or system-by-system. The benefits of cloud computing are clear—and it’s easy enough to earn conceptual buy-in from even the most non-technical executive—but at the end of the ...

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Communications Crossroads: Is It Time To Manage Your Email From the Cloud?

Sooner or later, every organization asks, “Should we continue managing our email services on-premise or move to a cloud-based email environment?” There are pros and cons, either way. In our experience with growing companies, the cloud solution beats the traditional in-house approach almost every time. It offers significant technology advantages ...

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The Factors Driving Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation in 2018—and Beyond

For today’s companies, cloud adoption is a question of “when.” In 2018, Forrester predicts, more than 50% of global enterprises will use at least one public cloud platform to drive digital transformation and delight customers. This is a “magic threshold” signifying the imminent ubiquity of cloud computing and the future ...

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Leveraging Data To Your Competitive Advantage

Arm your sales and customer services teams with the right data and they will be able to contribute to your growth.  With current, reliable data at their fingertips, your sales team can negotiate and close deals faster, become more responsive to customer needs, and strengthen long-term loyalty.  Not only can ...

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Customers Want Options, Can You Deliver Them?

Customers have their own schedules to manage and don’t want to wait on hold or for a call back when placing or checking on an order.  Research has also revealed that customers are growing accustomed to placing and tracking orders or appointments online.  Offering self-service features on your website or ...

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Create A Personalized Customer Experience With Innovative Technology

Superior customer service has never been more important than it is today, yet it’s still difficult for businesses to deliver.  Businesses like Amazon are continuing to raise the bar and customers are becoming more accustomed to higher levels of customer service.  This leaves many scrambling to make the improvements needed ...

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No More Excuses, Make The Right Changes For Your Business

In order to compete in today’s challenging marketplace, you need the support of a strong business management solution.  Legacy solutions create risk and can halt growth in its tracks.  Replace outdated technology with a more powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and take your business to new heights. Growing businesses ...

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Turn Data Into Actionable Insight That Propels Business Forward

Quick access to reliable business data is necessary for spotting trends, providing superior customer service, and protecting profit margins.  Outdated, disparate business systems make it difficult to access reliable business data quickly and efficiently.  When you replace legacy systems with more powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, you turn ...

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Modern Times Call For Modern Technology

In order to keep up with a fast-moving marketplace, you need a modern technology that can keep up.  Aging legacy systems are slow and easily bogged down by volumes of data.  In order to stay ahead of your competition, you need a business solution that can improve productivity and put ...

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Control Inventory To Support Customer Needs, Boost Profits

Your business management system may be able to handle existing customers; however, you could be pushing its limits as you expand into new areas.  Aging legacy systems can’t handle the volume of multi-channel orders and customer interactions or complex shipping processes.  Deploy a more agile, flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) ...

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