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Implementing new software in your business is a big decision. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to a business software expert before spending your time and resources?

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The 5 Reasons Why Project-Based Organizations Choose Microsoft Dynamics

Implemented on its own, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an invaluable solution helping companies track sales, access actionable business data, and ultimately, make most of their customer partnerships. Likewise, standalone project service software is essential to success, offering everything that’s needed to plan and organize project-related resources and costs. As more ...

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Part 2 - Leveraging RESCO to Enable a Mobile Sales Force Using Microsoft CRM (Dynamics 365)

In my last post, I highlighted the tremendous power that SCRIBE Online offers as an integration tool and the role that it played in enabling a Mobile Sales Force.  In this post, I’m going to highlight a product named RESCO, which is the mobile framework that allowed us ...

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Enabling a Mobile Sales Force with Microsoft CRM, Scribe Online and Resco – Part 1

As the leader of our Microsoft CRM practice, I’m always on the hunt for compelling solutions that have the potential to deliver tremendous value and position our clients as leaders in the midmarket space.  In the following posts, I’m going to highlight two extremely powerful applications, and tell the ...

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Managing Seasonality with Goals in Microsoft CRM

Weighting Goal Progress Based on Historical Data Microsoft CRM delivers a very powerful set of tools that enable users at both an individual and management level to track – and effectively manage goals.  The purpose of this post isn’t to describe the architecture and out of the box functionality that ...

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Getting Smarter with Dates in Microsoft CRM 2015

Microsoft CRM 2015 is an extremely powerful application – and Advanced Find can enable a non-technical user to accomplish a lot.  However, there are certainly limitations that exist, specifically when it comes to date based queries.  For example, there is no clean way to query the two common examples below:...

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…About Microsoft CRM 2015 New Features

Creating a Gift Management System for Santa and Hanukkah Harry to Demonstrate New Features of CRM 2015/Online With the holiday season in full force, these seemed like the perfect time to talk about all of the joy that Microsoft has delivered with all of the exciting new features of Dynamics ...

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The Real Power of Real Time Workflow in Microsoft CRM 2013 - Part 2

In my last blog post, The Real Power of Real Time Workflows in Microsoft CRM 2013 – Part 1, I highlighted how real time workflows could be used to enable rapid data entry.  In Part 2, I’m going to review how this powerful tool can be used to enforce ...

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The Real Power of Real Time Workflow in Microsoft CRM 2013 - Part 1

When Microsoft initial announced the introduction of real-time workflows in Microsoft CRM 2013, I became overjoyed – or at least excited – about the new functionality I’d have available to me.  As a non-developer, I envisioned a world in which, gone were the days of relying on jscript, stumbling ...

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The True Power Of Microsoft CRM 2011

Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Customer Relationship Management As a Microsoft CRM 2011 Partner, I have tons of great things to say about Microsoft CRM 2011. As a customer relationship management tools, it gives us visibility to our sales pipeline, it makes managing leads exponentially easier and ...

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Salesforce Skews Truth In Battle Against Microsoft CRM

Anyone actively shopping for a new CRM software solution (or working in the CRM software industry) is probably aware of the ongoing battle between (SFDC) and Microsoft CRM - both companies are vying for "King Of The CRM Marketplace" status. And while we strongly believe that the Microsoft CRM ...

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