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Implementing new software in your business is a big decision. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to a business software expert before spending your time and resources?

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Choosing an Implementation Partner Who Can Manage Your Expectations

ERP replacement has often been compared to a heart transplant: A complex procedure that removes a failing yet vital organ that is relied upon to power the rest of the body, replacing it with something that works. The ERP system is at the heart of the business, and an ERP ...

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4 Tips for a Painless ERP Solution Replacement

Replacing your ERP solution doesn’t need to be painful—at least, not using today’s cloud-based software. You may remember when you had your existing on-premise system implemented. The process was indeed complicated, not to mention costly and time-consuming. Considering it was your first ERP “trip around the block” and your software ...

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The 5 Risks of Using An Outdated ERP Solution

Think back to when you implemented your existing on-premise ERP solution. It was a great time for your growing business—you were ready to invest in next-level business management software and eager to take advantage of streamlined processes, enhanced operational insights, increased worker output, and better bottom-line results. For a long ...

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The Data Dilemma - Managing Data During An ERP Implementation

In my experience managing ERP implementation projects across multiple platforms and solutions, the one area of an implementation that is most often underestimated is data. The client is often faced with many questions as to what should they do with their legacy data. More often than not, the legacy data ...

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"Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens" - Two ERP Implementation Methodologies Compared

“Knowledge speaks, Wisdom Listens” – Jimi Hendrix This phrase has often been attributed to Jimi Hendrix.  This quote speaks miles to me, not just about rock music but in relation to almost all aspects in life. For example, I’m going to illustrate to you how listening can be a powerful ...

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3 Ways Executives Can Avoid ERP Project Pitfalls

Going through the selection process, and successfully implementing, a mid-market business management software solution like a new ERP system can be a very difficult and confusing proposition.  What’s interesting is that business leaders are typically responsible for the decision and end result, and are often the least informed and least ...

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