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Implementing new software in your business is a big decision. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to a business software expert before spending your time and resources?

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ERP Customizations Made Easy with NetSuite

Investing in a cloud-based ERP solution like NetSuite means your new applications can be connected with existing systems and any new systems you implement in the future. Some of these systems may be part of the NetSuite family, like CRM; others may be housed on-premise, like your HR system. Still ...

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NetSuite: A Better Duplicate Purchase Order Warning

As an ISV for ERP systems for as long as MIBAR has been at it you get a certain feel for features customers want from ERP systems. Fortunately, most ERP system producers have the same feel, eventually these features make it into a release of the product. In some situations, ...

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Why You’ll Love NetSuite’s Business Intelligence Dashboards

Can you say, “powerful,” “intuitive,” and “game-changing?” Well, we’ve said it. NetSuite’s Business Intelligence delivers analytics and reporting across your company, yes, but the magic lies within its real-time dashboards. They provide powerful real-time insights, intuitive usability, and game-changing tools that take decision-making to the next level. Let’s take a ...

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Creating a Save Search in NetSuite for Transactions with Related Records

NetSuite has many standard reports that you can create. However, there are times when one report doesn’t give you everything you may need. That’s where saved searches can help you get the information. One of my clients bills PO’s in advance of receipt and needed to manage the entire transaction. ...

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3 Reasons your NetSuite Implementation Failed (and How to Fix It)

Did your NetSuite implementation go wrong? Perhaps the software isn’t working the way you expected it to. Maybe the implementation took weeks (or months) longer than you planned, or the costs spun out of control. If you’ve had this experience—or are dealing with it right now—there’s a lot to be ...

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Credit Card Processing and How It Can Affect Your Business When Purchasing New Software

Many businesses use payment processing terminals or mobile based application to collect funds for credit card transactions. At the end of each day, the funds batched and later reconciled against a bank balance. If the card fails the result is often instant and the user knows to ask for another ...

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How Much Does NetSuite Cost?

Cloud technologies have successfully replaced countless old-school SQL server applications.  The shift in consumption has generated an increasingly complex family of pricing and associated SKUs to pick from.  So while new age software delivers near-term business value and offers strong ROI to support business cases, getting to GO can seem ...

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Debunking NetSuite Myths: Is NetSuite Too Big?

NetSuite has been around for two decades, and over that time has become the largest, fastest growing cloud accounting and ERP solution. During this time, competitor brands have emerged over the years—each with their own messaging, value propositions, and features. This said, one of the most common tactics taken by ...

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Creating Filtered Dropdown Lists in a Custom Field in NetSuite

This blog post will show you how to filter dropdown list results in custom fields in Netsuite. This can be extremely useful in a host of different record types, but for this tutorial,l we are going to work with a custom transaction body field on the Sales Order to select ...

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Importing Intercompany Inventory Transfers in NetSuite

In this blog post, I will show how to import data for intercompany inventory transfers in NetSuite.  The intercompany inventory transfers feature is available within NetSuite OneWorld and is meant to transfer inventory between subsidiary locations within your company. There are some settings (default status, price etc.) for intercompany transfers ...

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