How We Work: Partner Driven Turnkey Methodology

Successful implementations don’t happen by accident. At MIBAR, we understand the hard work that goes into making an implementation program go off without a hitch and have spent nearly three decades perfecting the implementation process in order to reduce risk and increase the likelihood that a project is completed on time and on budget.

In this, we know that every implementation project is unique, and have designed multiple implementation paths that match with our clients’ specific needs. Whether you need hands-on support throughout the process, can handle most of the project yourself, or need something customized for your unique software, we have the skills and experience to make it happen.

The Turnkey Methodology

An alternative to the customer-directed traditional methodology, the turnkey methodology is led by the consultant, who provides not only the support, but the leadership as well. Often faster, this consultant-led implementation process can be completed in less time (approximately 16 weeks) as compared to a traditional method.

Who It’s For

Often is the case, many companies aren’t experienced in ERP implementations. The turnkey method is designed for this type of company, who may not have the skills, the people, or the scope needed to handle the training and deployment that goes on during the implementation process. Instead, the turnkey method relies primarily on vendor and consultant resources to get the job done.

The Turnkey Process

While this method is consultant-directed, it features many of the same steps as the traditional methodology. However, rather than a customer-led, consultant-supported implementation, this process relies on the vendor or consultant to lead the initiatives from planning to ongoing support. The Turnkey methodology consists of six key steps to get the job done—planning, discovery/setup/configuration, prototype review and education, conference room pilot, cutover, and go-live support.


Similar to that of the traditional methodology, the planning session(s) features a meeting between consultant project manager and the internal implementation team. Additionally, this phase features planning on the vendor/consultant end, as their project manager will plan out the resources and people needed to get the job done.


In this phase, the vendor consultants review the current process, design/configure/setup new processes, and perform an initial test with minimal involvement of the customer team. This phase is the essence of the turnkey approach, in which the consultant leads this program, taking into consideration customer input during the discovery phase but ultimately leading the other initiatives.

Prototype Review and Education

Considered to be the delivery process of the turnkey method, the prototype review and education process are an important part of the turnkey method. In this step, the consultant team deliver the new system and begins leading the customer implementation team through the basics of the product and processes. Prototypes are reviewed, customer teams are trained, and adjustments are made by the consultants to set the customer up for the next steps.

Conference Room Pilot

In this phase, the customer is led through a series of conference room pilots, in which key users learn the basics of the system in multiple phases before the ultimate go-live. Increasing in complexity, the final CRP is essentially a simulated go-live, with systems in place and both parties ready to move forward.

Cutover Activities

As the project manifests, the implementation team plans and executes the cutover process before training end users on the basics of the software.

Go-Live Support

The final step in the process, the go-live and consequent support is the major step in finalizing the software implementation. In this step, the implementation team supports end users in the first and ongoing operation of the new product. From here, consultants remain on site for the first month to complete troubleshooting and provide additional training as needed.

Get to Know Us: Meet MIBAR

A successful implementation project doesn’t happen by accident. At MIBAR, we have perfected the art of the implementation and know the work that needs to be done. For nearly three decades, we have helped companies in New York and throughout the Northeast to find, select, implement, and operate ERP, CRM, BI, and mobile solutions, getting the job done with less risk and more success.

Whether you need the hands-on support that comes with a turnkey implementation project, a customer-driven traditional implementation, or a custom solution based on the product you choose, we have been there and would like to help you with your implementation project. Learn more about the products we offer and get in contact with us for a free consultation.

“By the time I met, I was trying to run my business with 3 disconnected systems and lots of spreadsheets which meant; redundant processes, too many errors and even more hard work. It was draining me and my profitability. In less than 120 days, MIBAR was able to consolidate my order management, CRM, inventory and financial systems, into a unified platform, which now includes embedded B2B/B2C e-com and marketing. Just amazing ! Thank you MIBAR, your team was great and got the job done.”
Frank Riggio

CEO, Joseph Grace Brands

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