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The NetSuite Lunch and Learn
Webinar Series

Upcoming Sessions

NetSuite CRM and Sales Management

Learn why CRM functionality that is embedded into your business management software is the ONLY way to go.  See how the NetSuite CRM centric sales order management system enhances the Lead to Cash process like none other.  See how the built in workflow engine can align the entire organization around a unified process that enhances communications throughout the supply chain.  Power and functionality reign supreme in this exciting demonstration!

Thursday, June 25 at 1pm --- Register Now

NetSuite Advanced Inventory and Procurement Solutions

Learn how the NetSuite cloud provides the required in-depth functionality that today’s mid-sized business need but often lack.  See the NetSuite supply chain modules in action, delivering superior demand planning and inventory forecasting tools.  Watch first hand how the flexible yet powerful NetSuite replenishment solution can help ensure your organization consistently has the right mix on the shelves and enhance customer satisfaction!

Thursday, July 30 at 1pm --- Register Now

The Advantages of Cloud Based ERP Solutions for your Business

See how MIBAR, using the NetSuite cloud based ERP solution and platform can provide your business unparalleled agility and flexible without boxing you in to a corner.  Take a first look at the NetSuite business intelligence layer.  Finally something easy to configure and relevant!

Thursday, August 27 at 1pm --- Register Now