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Integration Manager Expired? Dynamics GP Direct Table Imports To The Rescue!

Picture this - you are implementing Dynamics GP for a new client who is going to use the application for the first time. For any of a variety of reasons (hardware related, vacation time of employees at the client, customized dexterity work delays, etc.) this particular client has yet to ...

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Importing Intercompany Inventory Transfers in NetSuite

In this blog post, I will show how to import data for intercompany inventory transfers in NetSuite.  The intercompany inventory transfers feature is available within NetSuite OneWorld and is meant to transfer inventory between subsidiary locations within your company. There are some settings (default status, price etc.) for intercompany transfers ...

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Tips for End User Training

Training end users is an important part of a successful implementation.  Investing in your employees is as important as the investment in your new software - without proper training, costly mistakes could be made and productivity will go down. Implementing NetSuite is a significant change in operations and procedures for ...

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Avoid This Common NetSuite Mistake When Building a Transaction Saved Search

Why do I keep getting results for transactions that do not meet my criteria on a saved search? As a NetSuite consultant, whenever I build a NetSuite Saved Search, one of the most important things I consider is where the data I'm looking for lives. For example, a transaction ...

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SuiteWorld 2017 – The View From Down Here

This year, I had the unique opportunity to attend my first SuiteWorld - NetSuite’s annual convergence of partners, customers and developers. Despite having an idea of what was planned, I didn’t know what to expect. Would this be a series of ho-hum keynote speeches toting company ra ra. If that’s ...

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"Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens" - Two ERP Implementation Methodologies Compared

“Knowledge speaks, Wisdom Listens” – Jimi Hendrix This phrase has often been attributed to Jimi Hendrix.  This quote speaks miles to me, not just about rock music but in relation to almost all aspects in life. For example, I’m going to illustrate to you how listening can be a powerful ...

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The Evolution of Enterprise Data and the Value of a Data Warehouse

Many, many, years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, business owners simply looked at their computer systems as a way to ensure proper invoicing to their customers. The thought process was, I need to get away from the pen and paper and ensure timely and accurate billing of my ...

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Part 2 - Leveraging RESCO to Enable a Mobile Sales Force Using Microsoft CRM (Dynamics 365)

In my last post, I highlighted the tremendous power that SCRIBE Online offers as an integration tool and the role that it played in enabling a Mobile Sales Force.  In this post, I’m going to highlight a product named RESCO, which is the mobile framework that allowed us ...

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NetSuite Saved Search Magic with Dynamic Drill Through

In this blog post, I will showcase a common challenges faced when using saved search  - linking to the results of another saved search from within the results of saved search - and how to accomplish it. The Scenario Consider the following scenario: You are required to create a saved ...

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Troubleshooting an Invoice Posting Error in Dynamics GP

Any time you're dealing with a transaction that won’t post, the first thing you need  to do is find out what’s preventing the transaction from posting.  To do this, print an Edit List by pulling up the batch in the batch entry window: Go to File>Print>Select Edit list from the dropdown. This ...

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