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Part 2 - Leveraging RESCO to Enable a Mobile Sales Force Using Microsoft CRM (Dynamics 365)

In my last post, I highlighted the tremendous power that SCRIBE Online offers as an integration tool and the role that it played in enabling a Mobile Sales Force.  In this post, I’m going to highlight a product named RESCO, which is the mobile framework that allowed us ...

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NetSuite Saved Search Magic with Dynamic Drill Through

In this blog post, I will showcase a common challenges faced when using saved search  - linking to the results of another saved search from within the results of saved search - and how to accomplish it. The Scenario Consider the following scenario: You are required to create a saved ...

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Troubleshooting an Invoice Posting Error in Dynamics GP

Any time you're dealing with a transaction that won’t post, the first thing you need  to do is find out what’s preventing the transaction from posting.  To do this, print an Edit List by pulling up the batch in the batch entry window: Go to File>Print>Select Edit list from the dropdown. This ...

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Minimum Viable Implementation: Do’s, Don’ts, and Really Don’ts

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late” – Reid Hoffman, Founder, LinkedIn As agile software development and business process methodologies migrate from the offices of Silicon Valley to the industrial parks of Hauppauge and Raritan Center, mid-market executives are beginning to ...

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How to Handle a NULL Value Loaded by SSIS From a CSV File

In this tutorial, I will show how to handle a NULL value loaded by SSIS from a CSV file. Note that some knowledge of Excel, SQL and programming is necessary. 1.  Build a CSV file. Here’s a sample file: 2.  Create a table in the SQL server database: create table ...

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NetSuite: Why Partner? Why MIBAR?

Working with a Solution Consultant to evaluate and implement NetSuite                 As you navigate through your evaluation of the NetSuite platform, an important consideration to keep in mind is the decision to work with a NetSuite Solutions Consultant, or “partner”. Some NetSuite customers might discover, evaluate, and implement the ...

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Batch Recovery in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Everyone hates having problems with their computer software programs.  If your computer is acting up, you can't get your work done.  And if you can’t get your work done, the boss isn’t happy.  Fortunately, while there are lots of problems that can arise in any business application, many times, they ...

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Looking Back On My First "Go Live" and Why It Was a Success

After working for several months on a client’s NetSuite implementation, the time had come for go live. As a "rookie" - reflecting back on all of the meetings, data formatting, migration and new business processes, I didn’t know what to expect. On TV, when a new software application goes live, ...

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The Importance of Monitoring and Proactively Managing your IT Infrastructure with RMM

All of you know what Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are, especially when it comes to ERP.  Many of you do not know what KPIs are when it comes to IT.  If you need to head in to the office to be able to tell if your email is working or ...

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Update Hidden Subsidiary Sublists in NetSuite

In this NetSuite tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how we can programatically set multiple subsidiaries on a Vendor sublist when performing a data import.  In our example, we are using the‘Vendor’ entity, which can have one or more subsidiaries associated with it - including a primary subsidiary, as shown in ...

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